Kerala, Thelpara, near Pune, Maharashtra


The Assumption Sisters are developing their English-medium primary school year by year. Currently they have children from lower kindergarten to Class 8, ages 4-14. They have a staff of local teachers and would welcome 2 volunteers to join them to teach English, IT, Sports, etc. A graduate with a teaching qualification would be preferred. The local language is Malayalam and English is a second language for many. Until a teachers’ hostel is built, the volunteers live with the Sisters on the school campus.
Belonging to an international congregation, the sisters need to be able to communicate in English. The postulants and novices appreciate a short intensive course from the volunteers.


Skills & Languages

Teaching English and other subjects (sports, IT, geography etc.) in a primary school for children aged 4-13 in rural Kerala. Teaching (Aug to March) in a rural primary school in Thelpara, Kerala or the Assumption novices near Pune, Maharashtra.
“It’s not that you volunteer to go and help and change the world, but when you're in the community, the field, the area, that's when the intention is purified - you’re there to help, to do something, to have a purpose and that's why you’re there.”