Ho Chi Minh City


There are two projects that the Assumption Sisters in Vietnam are involved in. Volunteers teach morning English classes to 3-6 year olds at Hoa Tinh Thuong kindergarten and in the evenings tutor children of various ages at the Te Phan orphanage which has over 70 children, some with disabilities.


One academic year, normally from July.

Skills & Languages

• Have a good grasp of conversational Vietnamese and English • Female (the volunteer will live in a dorm; another project ran by the Assumption Sisters for university students coming from deprived areas of Vietnam) • Able to live in a community with several students where they will be a role model and willing to participate in prayer groups and joint activities throughout the year • Empathy and can deal with challenging stories, you will meet children and adults from all walks of life coming from difficult backgrounds
"It gave me a chance to immerse and serve into a world much bigger than my own. It broadened my horizon and my paradigm about faith, life, and service.”