Marie’s Testimony – Worcester, MA

Bonjour! I began my volunteer experience at St Peter’s School for a month and that was a very enriching experience. I enjoy taking care of children so it was a perfect fit for me to help the teachers. In the beginning, the children were fearful but after a few days, we were all playing together. We started our day with morning prayer, and then I would read them stories, we did puzzles, and played games to improve their motor skills. The children have time to take the air outside and we liked to use chalk to make our portraits. Volunteering at the school allowed me to acquire patience and to be attentive to the children’s needs. It was a very rewarding experience!
On Tuesday & Wednesday mornings I help at the St. Peter’s Food Pantry. I observed how the donations avoid waste while feeding people in need, it is a cause that I find important. On Tuesday morning we receive products, sort them, and then we distribute them on Wednesday morning when the families come to collect them. Soon I will be helping out at two summer camps in the city!